Monday, April 12, 2010

Italy: a geographical expression

Italy is a various States´collection subdivided into arcs, just like the meridians.
One arc is the North, it´s green and has a secessionist party that is masked by federalism and interbred with the very same centralist ideas that it claims to fight.
It breeds on an alleged hatred for Rome, but gets its food from Rome.
The Lega is merely a warm cloth.
The Piedmont region would very happily become part of France and seamingly the Lombardy-Veneto region would like to be part of Austria.
After the north, just after the River Po, lie the glorious old States, among them the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, which now goes under the name of Tuscany.
These are the Indian reservations of a party that is falling apart, and simply waiting to get back their former identity (which they will never do).
At the centre, white and yellow, (nothing has changed in one and a half century) the Church State has elected its own candidate, Renata Polverini.
The Vatican rules over Rome, including its clinics and its schools, and owns vast amounts of real estate (more than 50%).
Pope-King Ratzinger is more powerful than what the deceased Pope Pious IX was before the Bersaglieri entered Rome through the breach of Porta Pia.
In addition to exercising worldly power over the Church State, they also exercise this power over the Italian State.
The South, black with a few red bands, is self-governed by a variety of groups with strong local ties, which form federations amongst themselves in order to develop the underground economy, from protection rackets to fraudulent tender bids.
The Camorra in Campania, the 'Ndrangheta in Calabria, the Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia and surrounding areas and the Cosa Nostra in Sicily.
This is the heritage of Garibaldi and the dissolution of the Reign of the two Sicilies.
All what´s left is Sardinia, the domain of the Seignorage of Arcore, and the border regions where German, Patois and the Friulano dialect is spoken.
"For centuries we have been downtrodden and laughed at – Because we're not one people – Because we're divided – Let's unite under one flag, one dream, to melt together". Goffredo Mameli wrote these words for his hymn, in 1847.
"We aren't one people" is still Worth and the desire to "melt together" shows that, already then, we knew that we had never been one people.
"Having created Italy, we need to create Italians" said Massimo d'Azeglio. "Create Italians?": People cannot be built. People are not made with bricks , but with culture and memory.

From Beppe Grillo
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