Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mchouses: a lipstick on gorilla´s lips

Spring has arrived and with it good weather and people working outside.
They begin early morning because it is so much warmer and light and they are far behind schedule with the houses they began last Autumn.
In my opinion they shouldn’t bother to go on, they shouldn’t bother to finish what they shouldn’t have bothered to begin.
This is a beautiful little Medieval town, with 1350 old fackwerkhäuser and it didn’t really need to be ruined by some new and ugly McHäuser in the main road that leads to the Market square.
I agree that if you build in 2010 the houses are different, but that doesn’t mean they have to be that ugly.
In one way you can openly see how so many centuries didn’t mean progress, they just meant doing something worse with less job and much more money.
They are cheap, but cost more.
They are new, but they will last much less than the ones built 500 years ago.
The old ones are made with stones, the new with carton.
They are big carton boxes, colored with bright colors to look better, but it’s like lipstick on a gorilla: the lipstick is nice, but the gorilla still isn’t.
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