Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ideas do not need planes to travel.

The cloud spreads.

One can make similar predictions about other industries.
* Tourism: Too obvious. I was planning to take my family to Europe this summer. Holding off on booking those tickets.
* Conventions: Also obvious. I’ve been talking to many events lately via Skype. We’ll see more of that.
* Airlines: Screwed even more than they are now.
* Hotels: Itchy.
* Food: Perishable food will be risky to ship to Europe. The local food movement will rejoice. Poor Chilean strawberry farmers not so much. People like me who loathe winter veggies will have to suck it up. Restaurant and grocery prices will rise.
* Oil: Demand will decline. I leave it to others to tell me the geopolitical impact and opportunity.
* Education. Will international student enrollment suffer?
* Defense. The shutdown of Europe’s airspace is already affecting America’s troops in Afghanistan. Want to launch a coup? Pretty good time.
* Globalization. Will companies be less willing to buy companies halfway around the world if they risk not getting there to manage them?

Jeff Jarvis

What the clouds won´t do in the near future, Peak Oil will.
It is just a matter of time.
I wouldn´t bet on planes.

The scenario you proposed is very likely to happen.
We will be virtually global, but reality chained to our lands.
May be it is not as bad as it looks, there is always a bright side in everything.
Less meetings, more thinking and talking. Ideas do not need planes to travel.
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