Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The broken chain

The Empire was not built for the American people sake, but for a restricted elite’s sake.
On one side the "producers", slaves working for 30 dollars a month, seven days a week, the resources from the enslaved lands, oil, metals and so on (including bananas) on the other side the big class of American consumers, brainwashed to consume more and more.
But somehow greediness, as it always does, broke the chain.
Still a lot of cheap producers, but on the other end consumers that have no means anymore to consume.
So, what is the solution?
There are too many people in this world, in principle do we need billions of slaves?
It would be better to have a population that doesn’t exceed 500 millions.
The slaves would go on producing cheap, but we (the ones who survive) would consume less resources and may be could even PAY...
Wouldn’t it be a better world?...
I see the full picture and I see the plan.
A war, some widespread disease even better.
Didn’t you see the ready coffins?
At least the US people will have a some kind of burial and the holy land won’t be contaminated by millions of bodies scattered around...
It is time to open our eyes and mouths and close our wallets...
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