Thursday, April 28, 2011

About Speeding up

My first computer had a Hard Drive 256 Mb, a memory 128 KB, but sometimes was faster than the one I have now, 1 TB Hard Drive, 4 GB memory...
Of course I had nothing on it, but booting was relatively fast and I could even do a lot with it..
Did it never occur to you that you have a slow computer?
There are many things you can do about it.
The first of course being to keep it clean from viruses and Trojan Horses, do a periodical defrag, but sometimes all this is not enough.
So, what to do when you need to speed up computer?
There is a software on the market that can help you a lot with the necessary actions to keep your computer up and running (fast).
It does the maintenance and optimizes its performances, cleaning the registry, defragmenting your hard drive, freeing up disk space, recovering accidentally deleted files, and most of all, speeding up your Internet connection.
And the good news is that if you have more than one computer, the licence extends to three machines.
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