Monday, April 04, 2011

That was, is, and will be

"Whether a tsunami, volcanic eruption and nuclear meltdown in Japan or a global financial meltdown initiated by USA “banksters,” they are two sides of one and the same problematic. There are not enough social or scientific laws, regulations, policies and procedures in the entire civilized world to insure against such eventualities."

There is ALWAYS the moment of truth.
Nothing is created or destroyed, everything transforms...
Money can flow from our bank accounts to the banksters´and from them to gold.
Zero on our accounts and gold to $1600 or more...
Nuclear material from a reactor to the sea, then into our lungs and bodies and then out again in the earth that surrounds our graves.
Erupting material from the center of the earth up into the sky and then on the surface again...what is in between, goodbye.

And time, life, they go on, untouched, unaware, uncaring of what is left behind.
That was, is and will be.
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