Friday, April 29, 2011

Who will consume if you kill consumers?

I do not think that my point is just who has to have more.
Sometimes I wonder with all the guru economists you have in US, you do not understand that lowering welfare, pensions, salaries will just destroy the economy.
Who will consume if you kill consumers?
If you destroy the weapons factories you do not harm the economy, if you lower the living standards you do.
And also, in the last decades they have lost jobs to China and India to have low priced goods and make a fast earning, but when the money is finished, because this game cannot go on forever, tell me where will they sell?
In China if you pay low wages, you cannot charge as you do in US, if you want to sell.
So, tell me, in the long run, how will they be able to make money?
And if they bought gold and think that in the future they will keep the value of their profits, may be making a new currency chained to gold and silver, they still forgot that Russia, China, India have a mind of their own and a currency of their own, and if in the West 1% has ALL the money, who buys the gold?
And if the world population is reduced to slavery, how can they earn?
I still do not understand what they have in mind.
I still think that if my neighbor is rich I have good hopes to get rich too, but if my neighbor is in misery, we can share it...
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