Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Freedom begins also from energy independence

"The unpalatable truth is that the anti-nuclear lobby has misled us all

I've discovered that when the facts don't suit them, the movement resorts to the follies of cover-up they usually denounce" The Guardian

This article is the clear example of the fact that ALL newspaper are in the hands of the Monopolists.
First: what you say is not true at all.
Before Chernobyl in Europe the cancer casualty was 1:7.
After Chernobyl is 1:3.

Also the pollution can have its impact, but there was pollution also before.

Second: the nuclear business is the biggest cheating.
The only thing people share is the danger of nuclear contamination.
The cost of electricity is THE SAME.
The nuclear business is a good weapon in the hands of the monopolists, while solar, wind energy would mean the end of easy earned money.
If everybody would produce its own energy, the big monopolies wouldn´t exists.
How could they suck?

NO NUCLEAR for health reasons and financial reasons.
It is time we begin to wake up from slavery.
Freedom begins also from energy independence.
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