Thursday, April 07, 2011

The world upside down

In the world’s poorest countries children in order to learn how to survive, must attend a special school: the upside down school.
There they have to learn that poverty is what you have to pay if you are inefficient, being different is a nature’s law that brings racism and machismo, that the reality is what you see on TV, that the crime is always black or yellow or some other color, but never white..
You also have to learn how to be powerless, forgetful and resigned.
Thanks to that, the oppressed of the world learn to endure reality instead of changing it, to forget the past in order to allow the present dictators to survive unpunished, to passively accept the future, because trying to dream a different one is a crime.
In the upside world the countries that export the universal peace are the ones that manufacture weapons and sell them, the more prestigious banks are the ones that recycle drug money and stolen money, the most successful corporations are the ones that poison the planet the most, and the safety of the environment is the most lucrative business of all..
The upside down world teaches us to see the other as our enemy, condemns us to loneliness and helps us with drugs and cyber friends.
And as in the oil matter, in the upside world, they decided to consume what we cannot produce, in the nuclear matter to produce waste that nobody will ever be able to get rid of.
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