Tuesday, May 17, 2005

About 911

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"Two weeks ago Vonage made news by raising $200 million of venture capital. This week the Wall Street Journal reported on a Florida family who dialed 911 on their Vonage phone and were allegedly unable to reach emergency services (story is here but requires a subscription). Their daughter was dead, according to the story, by the time help arrived. Om Malik reported this story and possible implications for Vonage a week ago (you CAN read that without a subscription)."

This sounds really strange to Italian ears.
You realize how far we are from progress when you read something like this.

Not only we DO NOT HAVE a 911, but if we had it, it would certainly be useless.
Daily we have reports on the news of this person or the other person dieing because didn't find a place in the emergency hospital.
Some people go around Italy for 24 hours on an ambulance, before dieing because they didn't find anyplace where to find assistance.

What they do not report is the number of people surviving in spite of.
Well, I can look cynical, but it doesn't look like to me that the real emergencies are so many, and out of those many, I am convinced people who have to die would die anyway.
Or after recovering them and attaching them to a respiratory machine they find it out that anyway they have no right to live, because they are just vegetables...

Well, that 911 in my opinion has more a psychological value than a real one.
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