Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The best joke of the day

No good news for VoIP in Italy

Just somebody who is not Italian could begin this article in this way.

In a country where there is the highest number of laws (that nobody follows) could they refrain from making one on VoIP?

In a country where there is a law that guarantees the freedom and competition we still have three big Monopolies ruling:




All the rest is just rubbish paid by them to put up a farse of “Freedom and competition”.

But still the hardest part is that, in spite of the huge amount of money the customer pays, the service is so lousy and the user cannot even complain.
They discovered the “Call Centers Italian Style” where you begin to press numbers on your telephone keybord and you finish after half an hour (if you are fast) at the same point, with just one difference: the Telecom Italia can charge you half an hour for “non conversation”.

TelecomPaper reports on the new guidelines for VoIP in Italy as defined by the Italian Authority (where I wasn't able to find the original press release). VoIP will be subject to regulation if it principally is a PSTN replacement service (looks like PSTN, feels like PSTN, ...). Only P2P calls between computers will be exempted. I am wondering how that will effect e.g. Skype and their SkypeOut/SkypeIn service (would a solution be to break Skype into two legal entities to escape regulation at least for the P2P part?)

P2P are exempted because Telecom Italia will find out the nice way to charge more for the using of the Internet line for “calling”.

The decision, at least at it is described on TelecomPaper, is definitely a ruling in favour of Telecom Italia, which already offers Voice over ADSL with its "Il Telefono di Alice", so they can actually corner the market by leveraging their incumbent market power. For obvious reasons, Il Telefono di Alice doesn't include what would be call-by-call or preselection services in a PSTN world, and doesn't provide access to emergency services either. The new ruling however requires VoIP service providers to enable emergency number access,

And this is the real joke of the day.

Every day on the news we have a report of somebody dieing because he didn’t find a place in a Hospital, and after going up and down Italy in an Ambulance, finally gave up and left definitely such a S..t of a country.
So, tell me what is the use of an emergency number if you have no place to call, and even if you had it, nobody would bother to assist you?

Unless your name is Berlusconi and Prodi, but also in this case would be for nothing, because they do not use VoIP.

and nothing easier than that if you bundle it with a POTS line, and nothing better for your business than that when you are sitting on a pile of aging copper lines in the last mile and an IP-based core network using MLPS, that way you have the best of both worlds.

Yes, you said it, THE BEST Italian style!
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