Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Convergence has got too much approval lately.

I do not even believe it would be the perfect solution for everything that can be broadcasted or streamed on the Internet.
The transmission of data and voice over Ip have undoubtedly many advantages.
But who can be sure that it would be better to broadcast TV on the computer?
I do agree that having one only system in the house, a media centre with one or more screens connected, could have its advantages, but I fail to see the big improvement in broadcasting movies or even TV programs on the Internet line.

The Internet line has the quality of interactivity, which means the possibility of interactive TV programs, but when it comes to a Movie or some kind of passive entertainment, I still believe it would be stupid to consume precious and costly bandwidth, where the old broadcasting system could still do the job in a cheaper and better way.
Satellite for example, has the Multicasting feature, you consume the bandwidth once for millions.
While on the Internet, in most regions (for example in Europe) multicasting wouldn’t be possible.

A different scenario would be a metropolitan Internet, especially a wireless metropolitan Internet, where the bandwidth consumed would be the local bandwidth.
It could be highly profitable and useful for the broadcasting of local transmissions, sport events, local music or theatre or whatever.

In this case, the Metropolitan Internet could really be the heart of the town.
E-commerce, e-teaching, e-medicine, events, local news and so on, could have a huge boost.

Sometimes the enthusiasm can mislead us and show patterns that are not the right ones.
Coming back to reality and weight the pros and the cons will give us a better chance to succeed.
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