Sunday, May 22, 2005

Features looking for an IP devices manufacturer...

It is a few years now we are shouting about the "Dumb Network" and the "Smart Endpoints" and when it comes to features people ask them from the VoIP providers.

Isn't that clear that we are talking of a complete different structure, architecture, business plan or whatever you want to call it, than the traditional monopolistic telephone system?

We say: the Internet is a decentralized Network, where the intelligence is at the endpoints and then, when it comes to features it "Should be the VoIP provider to provide 911."

Not only,

"But for the short term, the big winners Thursday were the RBOCs, who are getting the kind of payback they expected when they backed the re-election efforts of the Bush administration. In his first important opinion as FCC chairman, Kevin Martin went out of his way to praise the incumbents, saying: "I am extremely encouraged by and commend the efforts of the Bell Operating Companies (BOCs) in permitting VoIP providers access to their 911 network."
Leaving out, of course, the fact that they had to be dragged there, lawyers kicking and screaming all the way."

Having to ask an "incumbents" to let the VoIP network to use their 911, well, I do not understand reality anymore...

Wouldn't it be easier, if we really talk of the same thing, and the word "intelligence" has the meaning universally understood, to have two smart devices, or at least one that together with the IP address could just say:

This phone belongs to x, y who right now is in x street at the y number?

Do we ask too much from "computer intelligence"...
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