Saturday, May 07, 2005

TV on IP

When you choose a mean to broadcast something you HAVE to decide if it is appropriate, useful, convenient and so on.
Or at least you should.

Streaming a TV program on the Internet in my opinion would have only one advantage: the interactivity.
No other broadcasting mean can give you a complete interactivity as the Internet could.

For the simple broadcasting of a movie or a TV program, which has mainly to be "seen", the TV broadcasting, and the Satellite broadcasting are still much better.
You do not have problems of bandwidth that you would have on the Internet the moment you want to reach a big audience.

You would also need a good compression, which at the moment is not there yet, or at least would be very expensive.

The user of today wants also quality.

I guess the TV on IP will undoubtedly come, but it is a little bit too soon...

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