Sunday, May 08, 2005

The future of the Internet

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The internet is a tool, not a replacement for life.

The Internet is a powerful tool, the most powerful tool we ever had, it increases options and possibilities. It connects people to
each other and increasingly things to each other.

We still do not realize it, but we (Internet users) are all "wired" and always "on".
Our life has more or less become a "Flat" connection to a virtual world.

We used to have friends and colleagues in the place we live.
Now we have friends and colleagues all over the world.

“The most radical changes will likely involve the workplace, because of
the economic incentives involved, and processes of artistic creation, because the internet is such a fabulous new medium of creation and distribution."

“Nearly everything will change because of the internet, and especially as the internet becomes ubiquitous and all pervasive, different from the discrete experience it is now on a computer. The ‘always on’ internet, combined with computers talking to computers, will be a more profound
transformation of society than what we've seen so far.”

"The astounding array of information available on the Internet is much larger than anyone could have ever expected.”

“Humanity has had books for hundreds of years, but does not have universal literacy. Creativity may bloom but that does not mean it will be seen or appreciated by all.”

The Internet is just a tool, as with everything else, there are enthusiastic who take advantage of it immediately and there are the ones who cannot or do not want to.

They will come later...

Being connected is our destiny, either we want it or not...

Patrizia, more than ever from a World on IP.
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