Wednesday, May 04, 2005

About Internet Marketing

Good marketing is not understanding the needs of your customer, but understanding YOUR customer's psychology in order to create his needs.

In the specific case of the Internet users, whoever plans a good marketing of a good product or of a successful product, has to keep in mind the peculiar characteristics of the "Surfers".

For doing that, we have to go to the early beginning of the Internet, the time in which it was not widespread, the time in which the Internet grew because a flourish of people built strange and interesting applications, and left them open to access by the outside world. The early days involved everything from fish tank webcams to FTP repositories of software to online communities talking about the technical and the trivial.

The main catching of the Internet in the beginning, was the fact that you could find a lot in it and the "lot" was mainly "free".

This particular welcome characteristic was enhanced by the birth of the P2P community, the file sharing.
Even the copyrighted material became suddenly "free" and "available" at a click of your mouse.

This made the fortune of broadband, this was really the factor "driving broadband".

This stated, it looked clear that if you wanted to make a good, widespread product, it had to have the main feature, in other words, it had to be "free".

Now, VoIP, even though it is a very low cost application, because during the call it is consumed the user's bandwidth, and it uses the Internet line, still it needs an authentication and a directing of the call.
This involves a central gatekeeper that consumes a certain quantity of bandwidth.
For not talking of the software needed to "adapt" voice to the Intenet line, to transform voice into data.

In this respect, I guess the idea of the Skype's inventor was great and the marketing even more.

You do not need a big central server, because you have many decentralized "nodes" to do the job.

Well, at first sight this could really look like the best possible architecture for VoIP.

And who cares for the rest, we care that "it works" and that it is "free".

Every Monopoly could be a wonderful architecture.
What is better than a system adopted by 99% of the users, which is free, which is simple to use, which "works"?

Yes, every monopoly would be perfect, if it was driven by computers and not by men.
Computers are not greedy, they do the job they are planed for, they do not need revenues, they do not want to take advantage of anything.
A computer's monopoly begins with certain previous statements and rules and keeps them till the end.

A men's monopoly tends to evolve in a different way.
Begins like a "free revolutionary tool" and ends like "the most profitable business" where the profits are not anymore for the users, but for the ones who own the Monopoly.

And it is a very dangerous tool.
It is like a tyranny.
Every "Duce" begins as the biggest benefactor of this world and evolves to be somebody who does everything for his own advantage.

It is easy to fight a tyranny in the beginning, very difficult and dangerous when it evolves.

So, it is very important that "Surfers" begin to open their eyes and be less dreamer and forget the illusion of a "free world" based on the sharing of "free software".

It is time they begin to understand that it is better to pay a little and have something for it, that having a lot "free" and having to pay much more that what they got.

Nobody works for nothing.
Nobody works for fame or glory or gratification.

Unless they are already paid.
A university CAN give something for free, because the one who does it, is paid in another way, may be taxpayers' money.

But if you believe that there is still somebody willing to work for nothing, let me tell you, those times, if they ever existed, are definitely gone...
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