Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's the role of a journalist

The ideal news should be "neutral", that is, they should be reported in a way that expresses just what happened.
But that is impossible.
It is like if the outside reality reflected by the eye wouldn't change depending by the eye that reflects it.
On a human eye it will be different from the one seen by a cat's eye and so on...
So, what's the role of a journalist? It is everything.
Depending on him the news will be different.
And the better the journalist, the more so.
Because news are not supposed to be just the report of something happened, they are supposed to be a GOOD report of it.
People want to know, but they like to be entertained by the news.
They like to be awoken, they like to be involved in the news.
A good painting doesn't reproduce the model, it reproduces the artist.
The same a good piece of music, a good piece of news.

The journalist must be an artist, he must be able to write in an alluring way, he must be able to catch the audience, to entertain the reader.
And THIS is something you do not learn.
You can learn to write in a correct way, but you ARE BORN a journalist.
That is why SOME bloggers can be better journalists than the journalists.( I wrote some and mean also the opposite, some journalists can be better than bloggers)
That is why some blogs can be more amusing than a news paper.
That is what a newspaper should aim to be.
SOMETHING people like to read, WANT to read, read as much as possible.

The mean being paper or a computer screen, matters very little.
The BRAND even less.
The BRAND of tomorrow could be an unknown blogger of today.
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