Thursday, February 28, 2008

It pays to give people a chance

Sometimes the chance to get money as credit is linked to a number, a low number means bad credit, a high number means you are very likely to get what you asked for.
But if you have a low score that is usually the moment you need more to get credit.
And of course a low number doesn't mean always you won't be able to pay back your debts.
Luckily there are still companies that can believe in you helping to pay off debts before it causes a bad credit in your name.
Or sometimes is just enough to put all your debts together, fix a new and easier way to pay back and life can smile again to you.
I luckily was never in that situation, because I was brought up in a different way and I was lucky enough to have help when I needed it.
But I still remember when I was a child a family friend (a salesman) talking to my mother and telling her the story of one of his customers.
He was a good man, a good worker, but once in his life he was not able to pay his bills.
And that was a very bad period for him, because his wife gave birth in the same time to a handicapped child.
What would you do, he asked my mother.
One would think that the best solution was to let him go bankruptcy and get all what he could.
He didn't.
He bet on that man.
He let him work out his problems, he gave him credit and he got ALL his money back, with interests too.
He did it because he was a nice and good person, but also because he was a clever business man.
He knew that it pays to give people a chance.
I was very little at that time.
That family's friend died many years ago, but I still remember.
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