Monday, February 18, 2008

City tours

The first romantic trip I had with my husband was to San Francisco.
It was most an adventure than a trip.
We lived in Switzerland ant that time.
We left from Zurich but went back to Stuttgard.
Both trips through London.
During our first stop in London I was so taken by the trip that I forgot my bag with both passports and tickets on the first plane.
Lucky us that we found it out quite soon, when we had to board the next plane and the first one was still in the airport.
It didn't begin the best way we should say.
And we were not lucky in San Francisco too.
We were there one week and it rained six days.
The seventh, when we finally saw the sun, we had to leave.
But still it is an unforgettable trip.
San Francisco is a very romantic place and in spite of the weather, it is never too cold, not even in winter, so that rain or not rain, you can walk and be outside most of the time.
And there are so many things to see and places to be that you can go there as many times as you like and still not being able to see all.
The place I love is the Fisherman's Wharf, and of course the Golden Gate bridge and park.
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