Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why Not?

Every minute a "Baby Boomer" reaches 60.
But they do not feel sixty, at least not as "sixty" as the previous generation felt.
In Jane Austen times a woman of five and thirty was an old woman, at the time of Edith Wharton was a "Lady", today she is a young girl who doesn't want to grow old, who just wants to live as well as possible, as nicely as possible and as beautiful as possible.
And all this because she can, and why not taking advantage out of it?
Why being ugly when you can be beautiful?
Why looking old when you can look young?
"Baby boomers are turning to cosmetic surgery to defy the signs of ageing, it has been reported."
And the reason is in two words: Why Not?
"When your clothes fit and your husband says ''You look hot,'' at 50-years-old, it really makes you feel good,"
I think it is just hypocrisy to deny it, in the name I do not know what.
If you want to improve your culture and you read and study, you are clever.
Why not if you want to improve your physical appearance?
Why should you feel guilty if you want to look smart and beautiful, if you want to look young when you feel young?
If with the aid of Liposuction, you can have again a wonderful waist and bottom, you can wear a nice bikini, you can feel sure of yourself and the way you look?
And believe me, the best investment is in yourself and may be also in the way you look, because, as dreadful as it can look, that is a part of the way the others see you.
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