Thursday, February 21, 2008

There is no product that a celebrity couldn't make "looking better"

The success of entertainment media worldwide in the last few decades, since the advent of TV, Internet, social media, has made celebrities powerful agents of new social habits and trends.
Commercial marketing is mostly successful when uses the basic rules of psychology, the basic instincts of the human being.
First of them, is the identification in the behaviour of parents, friends and other humans.
Since childhood, we develop our tastes and attitudes towards life learning by the ones who are closer.
We begin to build idols to imitate to reach the same goals they did.
We learn by identification, we live in the hope to become what we believe the best.
It is in this view that celebrity endorsement is particularly effective to launch new products, to create new needs and most of all, of course to sell one product instead of another one.
I still remember in the sixties my hair cut was exactly like Twiggy's, my clothes were mostly mini skirts Mary Quaint style and my favourite drink was Coca Cola.
In the eighties my clothes got as long as my favourite actress of that time and my tastes evolved following TV, Movies and Music.
And it looks like celebrity product endorsements are successful more then ever.
There is no commercial product for which you cannot find the right celebrity.
What about somebody like Hulk Hogan?
There are very few teenagers boys who wouldn’t like to identify with him.
Or what about Pamela Anderson?
I would bet that any kind of cloth would sell if seen on her.
May be it would look different on somebody else, but the dream of looking like her wouldn't.
Well, this is what I call "buying the outside connecting it to the inside".
And in a world that is getting everyday more "virtual" than "real" is not difficult anymore feeling to be what you would like to.
And one way could be wrapping yourself in the same way...

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