Wednesday, December 05, 2007

About LSD

"LSD is a great substance. It is not for everyone, but those who can handle it stand to gain a lot from the experience. By letting one's self relax, allowing the ego and self-effacing nature to fall away, people can explore thoughts, feelings and revelations in an unincumbered manner. But the problem is that people who will be moderate in their intake of such a substance are few and far between.
Too many people take it to get "fucked up" and don't respect it for what it is. It's why drug laws exist, because the government feels that the masses are to childish and excessive and can't curb their desires.
Now, while that may be true, why regulate LSD? Because people take it and think they can fly?
Fuck that, it's natural selection. Let 'em fly and when they hit the ground, it'll be a lesson to them. But because people, Americans in particular, are such beasts of excess, we will never be able to be trusted with such a strange, beautiful and potentially dangerous substance."


I personally never tried it and I do not think I would.
My particular idea about it and about things like Peyote (the magic mushrooms) and similar substances is that it distorts the perception of feelings by the brain.
Our peripheral organs sends to the brain certain stimuli, the brain gives them a certain interpretation.
For example the smell of a flower or the sight of a color.
When you take LSD or other similar drugs, or when you have a brain tumor, your brain feels the stimuli in a different way, smelling different smells or seeing different images.
In principle the reality doesn't really exist by itself, but it is the reflection of the world on the mirror of our senses and most of all, the mirror of our brain.
We humans see the same and feel the same, because our brains are made in the same way.
But flies for example see a different reality, because they have different eyes.
So, the LSD doesn't give us a better view of reality, just a different one.
That is probably why the experience can be different depending on the subject who uses it.
Conclusion: I would define it a dangerous substance and I would hate it as anything that I cannot control.
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