Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Buy today and forget tomorrow, so that you can buy again...

Christmas is very close.
Did you already buy all your presents?
Did you forget something? Or someone?
I like Christmas.
It is the one special occasion of the year in which I can make presents, as many as I like, and I do not feel guilty for spending the money.
Not that I feel particularly guilty during the year, but at Christmas I have one reason more to spend...and , I confess, THAT is the thing I like best to do.
Buy today and forget tomorrow, so that you can buy again...
But I love to save.
I so much love to save that I buy much more than what I should, in order to save more...
So when it comes to this off and that off, I feel a strange feeling, an immediate need to save.
And of course, if you want to save a lot you NEED to buy a lot.
Coming back to Christmas, if you didn't buy all the presents you wanted, there is a good chance you find a good bargain at
First you do not need to go out shopping, but you just need a valid credit card and a computer with an Internet connection.
Then you can find all the best offers displayed in a few pages.
In a few minutes you can browse something like hundreds of stores.
And of course choose what better suits you tastes and your pocket.
A few suggestions.
I would pay a visit to The Body shop.
You buy one and get 1 half off.
With two for your best friends you get one for yourself.
Not bad.
And what about 20%off and free shipping?
That is what Wilson's leather offers.
Leather is something nice and lasts long. And a black leather jacket is something you can ALWAYS wear.
Like a nice bag or a nice whatever.
Remember: buy today and forget tomorrow...

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