Monday, December 03, 2007

A call to Arms

Interesting article byThe Daily Scare .
Too bad it ended this way:

Awakened, Americans will enact change and realize the truth.

China is a Communist country. 98% of Chinese live without mortgages. They own their homes.

Have you ever been in China? Evidently not, because if you had you wouldn't write this.
You should see what kind of houses. The same you can say about Russia.
I assure you, it's better to struggle to pay a mortgage.

In most of the world no one comes in and turns off your electricity when you cannot afford to pay.

Honestly I do not know a place where this happens.
Electric companies are the same everywhere.
They give you energy to make money and not to loose it.

The electric company will not care if you freeze to death; if your aged grandfather, a hero who won honors during WWII will die because you cannot keep his insulin cold and his oxygen machine on, They will shrug.

Americans are coming to realize that war is being made on them. It is a quiet war waged on each of us economically in our own homes and through out jobs, through the educational system, and through every institution we thought we could trust.

In war it becomes you duty to strike back. This war demands we cut off the grid corporations, rebuilding America from the individual and community into a network sustained by cooperation, consent, and transparency for all.

I couldn't agree more. The same should do Europe, which, believe me, is even worse than America, and we do not even have the excuse to be in war!

Therefore what you do about your electricity matters. Getting off the grid strikes a blow for freedom. Today you are being contacted by companies that offer you lower rates – if you stay on the power grid. Instead, get off the grid.

The technique used here will sound similar to the way the phone companies have been enticing you to stay on their comm grid even as Kevin Martin, the head of the FCC holds secret meetings to sell off the airways that were to be held in trust for for us? You can mesh yourself off that grid, too.

Do you know they are at the same time, using parallel rationalizations, selling off the air you breath, the water you drink and the DNA that makes up your body?

Get off all the grids. This is not the vision our founders had for America. What we see today is a fascist state biggest than anyone could have imagined possible.

There are solutions, and those solutions take us back to the foundational values that forged the vision that is America. Because America is not our government and not land or even the people. It is a destination on the horizon that beckons us to find connection with each other through myriad acts of good will.

There are solutions to each of these problems because while they were busy picking our pockets the world was changing. The promise of connection is being fulfilled; transparency in all things is a precondition to the connections now becoming obvious. America will not only survive, it will become the model that will remake the world.

Get started.

History is nothing else than the story of a war between the strong and the weak.
But the weak has one powerful weapon: The Number.
While there are usually a few rich who have every advantge to keep the Status Quo, there are millions who want it to change.
The problem is that the few are ALWAYS damn smart...
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