Sunday, December 02, 2007

Citizen Journalism versus Expert journalism

Citizen journalism is being hindered and may even be dying at the hands of citizens themselves, a growing number of media experts believe.

The fad journalism model is being brought down by poorly written and poorly presented content that is greatly inferior to content produced by experts, they say. To put it bluntly, if you need information on a subject, would you rather rely on the edited and proofread opinion of an expert, or the misspelled musings from some guy sitting in his basement?

Steve Boriss, associate director of the Center for the Application of Information Technology at Washington University in St. Louis announced on his blog Thursday that “citizen journalism is dead. Expert journalism is the future.”

By Leah McBride Mensching .

If journalism is the report of an event or something just happened, may be a Citizen journalist who happened to be on the site, actually living the experience, could be a better writer than somebody living miles away.
If journalism is the comment on a fact that happened somewhere, an interesting and catching report of it, an expert journalist could be better.
But experience is not all.
You can be a good writer without being an expert writer, as much as you can be a lousy journalist in spite of all your experience.
Writing about is not all.
Writing about in an alluring way, catching the attention of the reader, that is journalism.
And the best journalist can be a citizen journalist who happens to be there and to write in the right way...
You are born a journalist, as much as you are born a writer or a painter.
What you learn later is just the tools to express what you have inside.
Writing is like painting in the brain of your reader.
The picture you are able to create is the sign of your talent, citizen or expert.
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