Saturday, December 01, 2007

A few good reasons to choose BT Broadband

The big future of the Internet began when broadband was available at a flat rate.
That meant no more dial up slow connections and metered access to the Net.
That meant the freedom to spend online as much time as we liked and needed.
That meant slowly the Intenet became our "real" "second life".
We are all, more or less, addicted to the Net, and the Internet has become a utility like electricity we cannot live without.
That is why is of the upmost importance to have a fast, cheap and reliable broadband provider.
And what can be better than BTcheap broadband?
You have:
Speed (Up to 8 Mb dowload speed)
Bt Vision Digital TV Recorder
Wireless Internet wi fi Internet.
And Prices?
They have never been so low.
You begin with £8.95 per month with a 18 month contract and can arrive to £18.99 per month for the complete offer including Unlimited Wi-Fi minutes per month.
If you compare this offer to the competition you will find that for the same money you can get much, much more. For example a much higher security (and now a days that is IMPORTANT), free wireless modem, VoIP, VoIP with termination, free access to BT FON Global WiFi network and many other options.
And switching to BT broadband is very fast and easy.
With few simple steps you can be connected within five days.
Non-cable customers only need a MAC code to switch and cable customers simply need a BT line. Simple, isn't it?
Welcome to BT Broadband.
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