Thursday, December 13, 2007

Go Green

Now that helping the environment is the hip thing to do, its your turn to contribute! Here are simple and effective ways to help the environement. We know you. You want to look cool at all costs – and if you’re doing some good at the same time, well that’s just the cherry on top!

Here are ten mind-numbingly easy ways you can make a difference – and change the future of the world for the better:

Double Sided Rules!

When you’re done filling up that piece of paper with various to do lists and life goals, don’t throw it away. Flip it over and use the other side. You just halved your annual doodle-pad usage in just a single step.

Use cloth napkins instead of paper

Look at you Mr. Grown –up with your fancy cloth napkins. Impress your guests and stop leaning so heavily on the paper towels and napkins that are creating 20 story landfills all over the world.

Hit the CostCo

When you shop in bulk at warehouse stores like CostCo and Sam’s Club, you’re taking part in a pretty simple principal. One big bottle of something takes up a lot less landfill space than two smaller bottles of something. Oh, and as a fringe benefit, you get all the free meat and cheese samples you can handle!

Unplug appliances when you’re not using them

When was the last time you had an emergency and just HAD to have toast in like six seconds? Keeping oft-used (and less-than-oft used) appliances unplugged when idle will significantly reduce your power usage over the course of the year.

Give the gift of ideas

This holiday season, or for any upcoming birthday, give someone a copy of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. Pick up the book or the DVD and give it to anyone who’s skeptical about the state of the planet – or is looking for new and interesting ways to get motivated and get involved.

Join a carpool

Enjoy the companionship of your co-workers and reduce emissions to boot. Carpoolers get to use the fast lane, and have an inside track on the best office gossip. Heck, you can even hop online and find like-minded carpoolers in your area.

Use rechargeable batteries

Household batteries present a major toxic disposal issue worldwide. See how bad it is according to the EPA, then go pick up some rechargeable batteries. You’ll be adding much less to the global toxic landfill problem every year.

That’s your lint filter?

You should really clean the lint filter on your dryer more often because, well, have you looked at that thing lately? Oh, and also because a clean filter allows your dryer to use less energy when drying your clothes.

Use ceramic coffee mugs instead of plastic cups

If you’re truly The World’s Greatest Grandpa -- and have the coffee mug to prove it -- then why not be proud and break it out every time you pour yourself a cup of Joe to go. Your grandkids will love you because they bought you the darn thing – and you’ll be helping preserve a better world for their grandkids.

Brag about it

The more you talk about all the good things you’re doing to go green, the more people will listen. And the more they listen, the more they’ll be SHAMED into doing some good as well. GUILT: PAY IT FORWARD!

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