Friday, December 07, 2007

A Help Desk Software

If you ever had to handle all the tasks regarding customer oriented emails and all the connected issues, you may have missed an application helping you to do so.

PerlDesk is a perfect tool as it concentrates on all the important matters regarding customer support.

You can get all your emails and pipe these following your needs without the need to select them manually in a mail client and copy them to the customer folder.

And PerDesk gives your customer a tool to submit requests directly to the right contact within your organization.
It also allows you to set up an FAQ platform where your customers can easily find the answers to the most important questions regarding the products and services you offer.
Every request is given a tracking number to allow full control over these requests to make sure that your customers get the answers they needs.

PerlDesk also allows you to setup a Knowledge Base using structured Directory entries.
To these structured entries you can assign any kind of informations including embedded images, PDFs and even videos.
Thanks to a WYSIWYG editor this can be done in a very easy and fast way.

As mentioned already above, all these customer's request are connected to a tracking or ticket number, which are known on both sides, allowing all of the involved individuals to check the status of the assigned task at any time.

A very important tool is the Trouble Shooter, which guides the customer - even outside of your usual business hours -through a problem or unknown situation.
In most of the occurring cases this helps to solve many of the problems which may arise.
You and your Manager can get a graphical overview over all the requests at any time and place.

PerlDesk offers you a free trial - why not taking the chance ?

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