Thursday, December 06, 2007

Joining the conversation is a must for today's enterprise.

As Shel said this morning, “Don’t pitch the conversational network. Join it. Start your own blog… Be part of the conversation so that we bloggers can see who you are and what you do and what you have to say.”

How to join the right technology conversation which will transform your website visitors into customers, browsers into buyers? can provide live help & live chat technology to your business.
Instead of a costly one to one conversation over the phone, live chat lowers support, as agents can handle multiple customers in the same time.
Besides, conversation can help you to understand better what your customers expect from your business, what they want and will give you the opportunity to better explain your offer.
Their team of dedicated professionals understands the issues facing enterprise businesses and their live help solution has been built specifically to meet the needs of larger organizations and their unique requirements.
What makes them so special?

Here are three good reasons to trust them:

1) Proven Reliability
They have the experience of over eight years in live support web chat.
They are specialized to meet the needs of large organizations.
They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2) Robust Security
They guarantee the best security standards in live situations.
They offer: SSL (Security Socket Layer), Agent Restrictions, Transcript Restrictions, Chat Archive Restrictions, Separate User Roles.
Their security solutions include open and robust platforms, real-time infrastructures, strategic outsourcing partnerships and well-integrated enterprise security that protect the business.

3) Call Center Quality Reporting
They can offer: Metrics & Data Analysis, Quality Monitoring, Agent Utilization, Web Analytics, Custom Satisfaction Ratings.
Since they can offer the richest utilization statistics on the market today, you can have detailed information about each individual agent’s productivity, along with overall performance statistics.

Here you can find Enterprise class in business solutions.
If you still have doubts, they don't, that is why they offer a Free Trial.

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