Friday, December 07, 2007

Macchiavelli said it doesn't matter the means, it matters the goal...

McKinsey & Company, the country’s preeminent source of outsourced-thinking, has the same kind of short-term advice for America on energy policy that it has traditionally given its corporate clients on almost any question they asked. According to a recent article in the NY Times, the McKinsey study recommends almost exclusive concentration on conservation at the expense of increasing supplies of non-polluting domestic fuels to address the twin problems of increasing CO2 concentrations and fuel costs.

“In contrast to improved efficiency, measures like capturing carbon dioxide from coal power plants and storing it would be relatively costly, and they account for less than 10 percent of the potential to cut emissions, the study said. The potential contributions from new nuclear plants and renewable energy supplies from wind or solar sources are also relatively modest….”

Instead they recommend:

“A broad public education program around wasteful energy consumption could be mounted. Modeled on the ‘Keep America Beautiful’ campaign of the 1960s, it could promote reduction in ‘carbon littering’ by increasing people’s awareness of the problem.”

The Europeans are "greener" than the Americans, not because they are more sensible or more educated to be sensible to environment pollution, but because they are sensible to the "energy bills".
In spite of what every American can think, the taxes on fuel in US have yes upgraded, but still make the fuel oil much cheaper than the alternative energy.
The opposite is the case in Europe.
If you have a "greener" lifestyle you save a lot.
May be the secret is not the education, but the cost.
When you have to pay, you ALWAYS choose what costs less, greener or not...
Macchiavelli said it doesn't matter the means, it matters the goal...
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