Thursday, December 06, 2007

May be your show now is worth less than the hole in a piece of cheese but everybody likes it...

What would you do if you were (or you believed to be) a nice guy, let's say a college professor, the creator of a great show (or what you believed to be a great show), and your wife was partner in the creation, and it took three years of your life to be able to put the word end to it, and it was one of the greatest thing you ever wrote, and your creation was going to go to air on the most critically credible cable network ever to air boxing and a mob show, and suddenly this "prestigious" network backed out on all of their promises and unceremoniously dropped the show, the son of your hard work of three years of your life, the joy of your eyes and ears, the promise of a bright future?
I am 100% sure you would do exactly what the author of The Harry Situation did.
You would get furious, cry, shout and ask yourself: What am I going to do?
Then you would post the actual three-letter broadcast network named after an animal, which in turn secured a sponsor and proceeded to "develop" your show into something you can’t even recognize as your own as it went from being a sex comedy for blue-state big brains into...well...ugh.

Well, as everything in life it has two sides.
On one it undid the author's marriage, and left a wake of destruction and litigation that will not be settled for years to come.
On the other the audience was telling two things:
1-They loved the show. They really loved it.
2- They loved the "sex glue" too and wanted to know where to buy some. Now!
It was that bad. Or was it good? I mean the show wasn't even out yet, and these young guys were all over the internet talking about the product. A day after that test group, there were 50,000 posts about this wild new sex product.

That is: you loose a wife but achieve glory.
May be some would argue that you can always find another wife, while glory is something you do not achieve everyday...
Not too bad Mr. Todd Gruyere.
May be your show now is worth less than the hole in a piece of cheese (the right, inevitable consequence of being Mr. Gruyere) but everybody likes it...

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