Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Show me your OS and I will tell you who you are

What Does Your Date's Computer/OS Say About Her?

Think that's a silly question? Think again. A woman's choice of operating system (OS) can reveal a lot to the inquisitive man. And with women as famously cryptic as they are, let's face it: it'd be dumb to turn a blind eye to anything that offers a peek into their innermost thoughts. So let's analyze what a woman's choice of Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux really means!


Typically, a Windows woman likes to go with the flow. Windows is what she's used to. It's what she used at school and what her boss probably makes her use at work, and she sees no reason to buck popular opinion. This means one of two things about her.

A) She's a permissive woman who seeks direction from the men in her life. Left to her own devices, she will make the safest decisions, so as to avoid controversy or uncertainty.
B) She sees computing as a necessary evil, not a reflection of her innermost thoughts and passions. What does this mean for you? Draw your own conclusions, but less time surfing means more time before bed!


The OSX-using woman considers herself trendy. She likes to advertise her association with things flashy and high-range. As evidence, observe how well dressed and up with the times she is. However, there might be cause for concern in terms of why she uses OSX. If these women chose their OS because it was trendy, what's to say she'll keep you around after the Vin Diesel look-alike at the gym asks for her number? Yikes! Here's how you can separate the genuine from the follower:
Ask her why she uses OSX. If she raves about its stability and immunity from Windows-based viruses, you're in the clear. Ditto if she uses OSX for graphics or video editing. But if her explanation begins with "I saw it in this movie," remain alert.


A woman who uses Linux is a rare and special breed. We're talking about a woman who stepped outside her comfort zone, did her homework, and persisted through the Linux installation. She also displayed perseverance in learning the many subtle differences between Linux and Windows. These speak to terrific qualities in a woman. After all, if she's this persistent about her choice of OS, you know she won't bail on you at the first sign of trouble.
On the other hand, Linux fan girls are not likely to be swindled by tired clich├ęs or empty promises. If you're looking for an empty-headed bimbo, you'll have to continue the search elsewhere. A girl who took the time to figure out Linux is just not having it.
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