Saturday, December 08, 2007

VPN: a lot of advantages

Being on the internet nowadays involves a long lists of risks.

You also might live in a country which regulates your access to services.
Or your employer can be the one who limits your access.

Are you tired of these limitations and spying on you and your PC ?
Tired of stealing informations behind the curtains ?
Sure, your answer will be Yes.
But how to deal with it ?
The best solution is connecting to the public net using a VPN Service.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and means exactly that.
What are the advantages ?
One of the most important is the anonymity as your public IP is always
hidden and replaced by a private one.

There are no hidden logs by any provider as these IP addresses become worthless.

Not to forget, all your data transfer is encrypted (PPTP or IPSEC) with 128bits,
which makes it impossible for anyone, including your provider or employer, to
spy on you.
This is also very important should you have to work in a public place like a Hotspot.
There is also an end to angering you with pop ups directed to your public IP address.
And all those Evil attacks from hackers will become useless just because of the encryption.
DNS spoofing doesn’t happen, too.
While surfing you are using a secure DNS server instead of a non secured public DNS
Service, which are usually involved when using the internet in hotels, hotspots or internet cafĂ©’s.
Using places like the mentioned ones also involves sometimes slow proxie connections.
With a VPN service you can get around this problem, too.

Well, but where and how can you get into a secure VPN ?

Have a look at
Subscribe with them and you immediately surf secure and safe on the internet.

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