Monday, December 03, 2007

Will a Search Engine save the Planet?

On Tuesday Google announced :Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal.

Their aim is to promote research and development into making renewables cheaper than coal; specifically researching technologies to build a 1 Gigawatt power production capacity (enough to power the electricity needs of a huge city). It’s a large challenge. Coal currently provides 40% of the world’s electricity, and should the economics be cheaper to use renewable sources than coal, the benefits would be huge.

Larry Page, co-founder of Google, said:

If we meet this goal and large-scale renewable deployments are cheaper than coal, the world will have the option to meet a substantial portion of electricity needs from renewable sources and significantly reduce carbon emissions. We expect this would be a good business for us as well.

Richard Hewitt

I think that alternative energy is the BIG BUSINESS of the near future.
As there is no free lunch there is also no billionaire that will do something for the sake of doing it.
But who cares?
The results are what matters and if a search engine can help to have a cleaner future, WELCOME!
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