Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Your heart has no dream that a good book cannot fulfill

Who doesn't love romance?
Young, old, man, woman, girl, boy, we all love that special feeling of loving and being loved, that special heart beat, that special smile, that special dream..
But the best romance is not the one you live, because life always adds the unromantic side to every story. The best romance is the one that lives in your mind and in your heart.
When romance meets reality it looses a part of its fascination.
The best romance is the one you dream and live in your fantasies.
And what is better than Romance Novels
to live a real, romantic, lasting forever and ever love story?
One with a nice beginning, a troubled medium, and a very happy ending...
One in which you can (in spite of your age) being the beautiful and charming girl you never were, living adventures, visiting places, meeting people, may be that special one that every girl would like to meet.
A book is always the best friend when it comes to Romance.
And when it comes to live the adventure, the intrigue, the spicy life that your daily routine denies you.
And what about intensely passionate heroes and heroines of stories in which you are intensly involved?
Your heart has no dream that a good book cannot fulfill.

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