Monday, February 14, 2011


"What makes me cynical is that the USA as a society has become so hideously corrupt and heartless."
On the contrary, I guess that it is going the other way.
Never, like today, USA has been so conscious of its own corruption and heartlessness.
The average American used to sit down, in his home to watch TV, not caring a bit of how the rest of the world was living, that the poor part of it was obliged to work for 30 dollars a month to produce cheap merchandise, to guarantee the 5% of the world population a living standard that allowed it to consume most of the world’s resources.
They begin to ask themselves what they did to the world, what building an Empire has cost.
Now that the threat of low wages jobs, unemployment, homelessness, lack of food, lack of the security of a pension or health care, has arrived to US, has touched them directly, now they begin to open their eyes.
They begin to see what happened to others and what will happen to them.
They begin to understand the contradiction of wanting a green and unpolluted world and being the number first polluters, of talking about democracy and finding out they experience a dictatorship, of professing to respect human rights and enjoying a materialism built on exploiting other people’s lives, consuming oil drained from other countries and paid with blood, wearing clothes manufactured by slaves´labor.
Whatever it was that brought the awakening of the US people, it is very much welcomed.
Nothing good grows from a diamond, a lot grows from shit.
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