Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The greatest enemy: The Human Nature.

There are two main ways to build an Empire: the Latins´way and the American way.
Both rely on military forces, but in the second way the army enters the picture ONLY when any other way has proved useless.
An empire can be built without the risks of war and at far less expense.
But also in this, I am sorry to say it, the lesson comes if not from the ancient Latin’s, from their descendents.
The Italian Mafia has one way to build its empire.
“In one pocket I have 100 millions cash, in the other a loaded gun, and I have NO SCROUPLES”.
This way proves to be quite effective and usually saves a lot of blood, being the second option rarely used.
The American way or I should be more precise, the American big Corporations way (because the American people have very little to do with it) got the lesson and proved it works better than the Ancient Romans way.
But there is no Empire that lasts forever, it is much easier to build it than to keep it.
They have the greatest enemy: The Human Nature.

People usually do not like to be slaves and it lasts as long as they realize that they have nothing to lose, and when you have nothing to lose, you lose it.
On the other hand Greediness kills any successful enterprise.
Human Nature cannot stop, tends to give the impression to the winners to be in some way invincible, sometimes even close to be some type of superior God.
When that happens the “GODS” do not see anymore, do not understand anymore, blinded by the thought that everything will ever be as it was.
That happens to the biggest thieves, the biggest killers.
They simply cannot STOP.
That is the beginning of the end.
Because the end ALWAYS comes, believe me.
The world is full of the bones of the ones who believed to be invincible.
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