Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Leipnitz, East Germany where the past is the future

It is some time I do not write anything about East germany.
I have been very busy and no travelling.
I have moved to Muldental, precisely to Leipnitz zum Rittergut.
I live in the Rittergut ( the Schloss), among forests and lakes.
July, August and September were spent in the woods.
I was there most of my day, officially looking for mushrooms (and I found tons of them) but in reality enjoying every bit of it.
They are so dark and silent and there are millions of strange mushrooms, of every color.
You can easily find deers and (rarely) wild pigs.
Millions of birds make useless the music machine.
Now in winter, if possible, the landscape looks even better under the snow and we had a lot of it this year.
I would define East countryside the landscape of the past.
Therefore it is the landscape of the future.
It didn´t live the mad Era of "New is beautiful" "Plastic is better".
Oil didn´t leave big marks here and, since we are almost at "Peak Oil", this will be a Western part untouched by Mac civilisation.
Whoever likes nature and want to breath it, this is a place to be.
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