Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Chris Hedges' Columns Recognizing the Language of Tyranny is so true and illuminating in its crudeness.
He is able to express what we think and cannot say for a lack of words.
He has them, the right words, and the right picture of what is happening.
Too bad there are too few who can understand.
When the mass will, it will be too late.
It is like cancer, when you detect it, when you have the clear symptoms, it is too late.
You will have to die, because you cannot believe that it can happen.
Just like tyranny, it always happens to the "others".
And when it happens to you, you can just be "appalled", incredulous, devastated.

But Mr. Hedges, let me say, if there are two languages for tyranny, there is just one for the "serfs":


said from the deep of my heart...
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