Friday, February 25, 2011

Greed is the addiction of human nature

Greed, this human, widespread, incontrollable exasperation, which belongs to human nature, but is so inhuman in all its humanity.
Greed is the exasperation of the struggle to survival, a faulty goal that drives and destroys the life of many.
Greed is perpetual hunger, endless research of something more.
It is the goal of life.
Money is not important, what matters is being able to add.
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
Life is too short, it is a pity to die, when there is still so much to grab.
Having more doesn’t give you the satisfaction, because more is always less of what it could be.

Till you lose the perception of what it is.

1 million?
2 Millions?
1 billion?
20 Billions?

The minutes are measured in hundreds, the hours in thousands, the days in hundred thousands, the months in millions and so on.
Time flies too fast...if you could live more, you could reach more.

I really pity you.
Money for me is the way to live better, to enjoy life, to share with the people I love.
Money is the way to be a better person, to learn more, to be able to do more.

Money for the greedy is a shame.
I saw ALL those who do not know, didn’t see, didn’t imagine.
I asked myself: don’t they realize how mean, sordid, beggarly, miserable they look?

I guess they do, even if they will never admit it.
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