Thursday, June 02, 2005

VoIP is a transport...not an application

VOIP is a transport, not an application (actually I did say that...)

Leonardo Faoro - The VoIP Weblog

VoIP is a bunch of protocols to transport and display packets of voice from one end to the other.
HTML is similar, but its data are text and images.

The alphabet was the precursor of all.

It displayed thoughts.
The voice was the transport.
It was (and luckily it still is) the protocol to transport audio waves that converted from one ear to the other expressed thoughts.

We had a protocol for silent thoughts and one for noised ones.
That is one for the eyes and one for the ears.

The Internet tranports boths.
And may be that is the revolution inside the revolution.

That a sound can travel as a text.

But in principal the alphabet was that: to transform a sound in a letter, to put together letters to make a word and mixing words to make a language.

Maybe the next revolution will be a universal language transported in a universal protocol with which we will be able to express universal thoughts.

Then we will need again some sort of individuality and will find out it was better when it was worse... well why make it easy when you can make it complicated?

Where would the fun be?

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