Saturday, December 01, 2007

Buy today, pay tomorrow

Once, at my times, the car of your dreams was most of the time destined to be just a dream.
Because you never had enough money for it.
You began saving and there was always something more important to buy or to pay for.
That I think is one of the reasons you often see people of a certain age on cars that do not belong to that age...
Probably they were the long dreamed dream, fulfilled just when the need was not there anymore, but the dream yes...
I guess that today's young people are luckier, because they can dream to have a car and get the car of their dreams...
With the right car finance you can buy today and pay tomorrow and if the economy goes as it goes, you risk that the amount you pay for interest is not much more than the inflation rate...
That means that it is even more convenient to borrow money to buy your car than saving it and paying much more the moment you'll be able to afford it...
And if you own a company it can be even more convenient, considering the taxes you will save.
If you invest in a car with low carbon dioxide emissions you can benefit in kind tax on company cars.
You can easily choose which car is more convenient selecting it among the various offers .
What you have to do is just clicking on "go" after making your selections and you will be able to see all the details.
So, if you do not want to pays to visit the website.

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