Saturday, December 01, 2007

How to create, manage, organize, archive and share content

Should You not already use epazz's BoxesOS , you may know the pain of the daily tasks to go through :

- checking your EMail
- checking your Calendar
- maintaining your contacts (new or existing)
- collaborating with your co-workers and/or customers

To do all these, in most cases you have to use a bunch of different applications.

This is not the case when using BoxesOS from epazz, because this application handle's all these tasks from one
point : the Front Page.

From here you have access to all of the mentioned task one mouse click away :

You get an overview of your calendar which links you to all of your appointments, meetings and so on.
In an easy way you can set up new tasks or change existing ones.
It allows you to get immediate approval from all participants of your workgroup for a complete workflow.
Also yoiu can share necessary documents among all of the ones involved in a project.
As a group leader you can approve new documents or any other content using BoxesOS's content management before spreading them.
If necessary your new calendar will be synchronized with your PDA the same time.
With one view you get to know how many emails have arrived, the ones related to your contacts/customers first.
There is no need to change to your normal Standard EMail client.
BoxesOS also allows you to set up E-Learning courses to get the team ready for new skills.

All these functions and features are available from any place within your enterprise or any remote place
over the internet.

And, very important : BoxesOS is very flexible.
It can be designed especially for your needs or likings.
No one of your team needs special IT skills (HTML knowledge, Programming languages etc).

Why not giving it a try ?
You can ask for a 30 day Free Trial.
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