Monday, December 10, 2007

Fastest Rising Search Terms

Earlier this week Google (GOOG) released the fastest rising search terms in the US. I have received the fastest rising search terms Globally from Google and there are some interesting conclusions to point out. The full chart is below with links where CN has coverage. We often forget in U.S. tech coverage that there's a world beyond our coasts.

Some takeaways:

The iPhone, Webkinz and YouTube are rising domestically and internationally
Facebook is growing faster overseas which makes sense given their strategy
eBuddy continues to be the leader in Web IM chat worldwide, while Meebo gets the most coverage stateside
Everyone was interested in the Club Penguin deal - more in the U.S. but the World wondered whether it was worth $700 million
MySpace big in U.S., Badoo, DailyMotion and Hi5 growing quicker overseas
Kids worldwide like the Webkinz
Only Americans care for Optimus Prime and deceased Playboy models

Fastest Rising U.S.

1 iPhone
2 Webkinz
4 Transformers
5 YouTube
6 Club Penguin
7 MySpace
8 Heroes
9 Facebook
10 Anna Nicole Smith

Fastest Rising Global

1 iPhone
2 Badoo
3 Facebook
4 Dailymotion
5 Webkinz
6 YouTube
7 eBuddy
8 Second Life
9 Hi5
10 Club Penguin

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