Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to learn to play the easy way

Finally there is a way to learn to play the guitar, bass or drum instrument the easier way.
In the traditional way you have to follow the musical notation, which represents the rhythm, the duration and pitch of each note based on a twelve tone division of an octave.
Opposite to that a tablature is operationally based and so indicating where and when a finger should be pressed to generate a note.
Not necessarily there are rhythmic symbols to tell when to start and stop a tone, because the duration is at the full discretion of the performing one - to a much greater extent as it is the case in the traditional way.

You now also can find software which is capable to interpret a tablature, play the song and so to show you how to play the title.

There is a free web page where you can find over 140,000 of the latest guitar tabs, bass tabs, and drum tabs, with new tablatures coming every day.

You just have to select the letter the name of the artist starts with and click!
Good work!

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