Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Marketing is everything: make it wrong and you'll have a flop, make it right and you'll be succesful

Interesting article that says what I always said:
Marketing is not supplying what people need and want, but creating the demand for what they want to supply the market.

The 6 Most Overhyped Technologies
By Chris Bucholz

Contrary to what you learned in your economics classes, the market isn't always about supply and demand. Sometimes it's the opposite: supplying some technology nobody wanted, then trying to create the demand for it with hype.

Ultimately it's the technology that suffers, as the public slowly gets more and more pissed off that it isn't as awesome as USA Today or the salesman at Best Buy told them it would be.

These are some of the most egregious examples:

High-Definition TVs
eBooksMunicipal Wi-Fi
Hybrid Vehicles
The Internet on your TV
Virtual Reality

My opinion is that for most of them the technology is not ready yet.
That doesn't mean they will not have a future.
It just means that the moment is not right, or the hardware is not right, or the way to use the technology is not right.
Cell phones were a flop in the beginning, that didn't forbid them to become the big success they are.
How many other inventions or technologies which were highly succesful, in the beginning went almost unknown?
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