Saturday, February 02, 2008

What would you define as "green"?

“What is Green?”

“No product is ever green. It’s about material substitution, carbon offsets, and designing products that can be recycled.” But what does that mean? No product can die and turn to dust like living beings can?

A green product is one that “takes preserving the environment into account,” and that the best green gadgets have the lowest carbon footprints. At that same moment, however, the spokesperson told me she wasn’t even sure what a carbon footprint was. I let it slide when she gave me one of the only worthwhile answers of the day, “Technology with a conscience” defines green. OK, I can deal with that. “It’s about small decisions made daily, like plastic recycling.”

Green is a “mindset, a resolution, and where you put yourself in it.” And green is a “sensibility.”

Green is about “energy efficiency.”

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