Thursday, February 26, 2009

German course

I thought that Italians were particularly good in making chaos out of normality, I believed so till I went to a German course in Germany.
Well, as my husbands likes to point it out "in East Germany".
I do not know the west, I am inclined to think sometimes that Germany is one only state, but I prefer not to say anything about it.
Let’s pretend there are still two Germanys...
Coming back to the language course.
I finally decided it was time to learn this wonderful language and, after many do it yourself trials I decided it was time to invest some money to do it once and for all.
Of course the money invested was not toooo much, following Mrs Broghammer´s style...why spend if you can save?
Every Thursday I spend one and a half hour with other five people of five different nationalities and one teacher, the only one of course German (east German)in the local School and we talk German, or better, we are supposed to talk German.
I wouldn’t say it is boring, I do not see much the results, but, as the teacher says the results will come...
I thought my German was non existent, till I met the Chinese who knows even less than me and I was elected immediately teacher, since I can communicate with her better than the teacher...
The big problem is that we are five different people with five different levels and five different mother tongue.
We have two books, the level one and the level two, but we do not follow any book, we jump from one page to the 120th, then back to number first, and so on.
We jump from present to past tense, from verbs to adjectives and so on.
This looks to me a very peculiar course and I see it as a little bit chaotic, but if enjoying is learning, well, we won’t miss to learn German...
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