Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Habemus shower

Yes, after three weeks and Euro 1075 we have a new shower.
It is something so ugly that I think, with all my efforts, I wouldn´t have been able to make a worse one.
Yesterday evening I was on the verge of divorcing my husband.
I was swearing against Germany and all the Germans and their way to work.
In Italy it would have taken one week and Euro 300 for having a nice looking, nice working normal shower.
Which in principle should be a place where you go to wash yourself and stay a few minutes.
It doesn´t really matter if a few drops of water can eventually reach the walls or the floor.
It doesn´t matter to an Italian or to anybody from anywhere from the world.
But IT MATTERS to a German.
Not one only drop should NEVER reach anywhere outside where it should be.
In order to do so, you (the Germans) have to build an artificial wall around it and glue any possible tiny hole.
It took exactly 7 hours to do so and the rest of my life to get used to it.
I got a big lesson yesterday.
First you should never dream.
Dreams are there to be deluded and the dreamer too.
Second, you should always hire somebody you can talk to and more than anything somebody you can understand.
Never presume.
Especially when you are in Germany.
Germans are different and not always predictable.
We had the biggest lesson not so long ago and we should never undervaluate.
You are likely to be the same in BAD and in GOOD...
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