Monday, February 16, 2009

It´s Spring (almost)

Spring is the season I love best.
You appreciate it especially if you live in place like the one where I live.
In a place where Winters are long and cold.
When Spring comes I feel like I have to renew everything and certainly Spring is the right excuse to throw away old stuff and buy new one.
And in a recession time I am particularly fond of special offers, coupons, special prices, all what helps to save something (that something you invest in buying something else...)
The more you save, the more you can buy, and the more you can buy, the happier I get...
I admit, I am a consumistic society’s victim number one.
I love shopping and I am not even ashamed of it...
What am I going to change?
Well, our computers are a little outdated and something new would help to bid faster on eBay...and bidding faster means buying more.
Why not taking advantage of the saving coupons on Dell discount code for XPS M2010 system.
You can save up to $230 and build your own computer.
Building means that you select the parts and virtually build it...
The only thing you have actually to do is deciding what you like and, of course, pay...and with the $230 I saved I can shop for many things.
Why not a PNY - Mini Attaché 2GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive - Blue?
It is just $5.99 (instead of 14.99).
That gives me the chance to still have $224.
Well, that means I can afford a 6-Cube Rolling Storage- Espresso for just $159.99.
And I get even a 15% off bonus.
So, 159.99 minus $9.6 bonus, makes $144.99 which is what I spend.
I still have $79.
What would I like to buy?
I do not say what do I need, because in that case I should just switch off the computer and forget...
So, with $79 I could eventually buy 18k Gold Overlay Cubic Zirconia Hoop Earrings for me.
They look like diamonds and cost just $ 17.99.
That leaves me $61.
I saw a Sterling Silver Baguette Cubic Zirconia Ring that perfectly matches the earrings.
It is $40.49 and looks like $4000.
Well I am still on the saving side because I still have $20.52.
With what I saved on one computer I bought a lot of other discounted items and still save more than $20!
I guess that the coupons website is a great idea...
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